Theme Handbook Checklist


  • Content Management in WordPress (@markel) (deleted for brevity)
  • What is a Theme? (@hanni)

Part One: Theme Basics

Part Two: Theme Functionality

  • Accessibility
  • Comments (@sewmyheadon) (@sewmyheadon)
  • Media
  • Navigation Menus (@ryanr14)
  • Pagination (@sewmyheadon)
  • Post Thumbnails (@ryanr14)
  • Sidebars (@ryanr14)
  • Translation (@jerrysarcastic)
  • widgets – move to plugin dev handbook
  • Next and Previous Links
  • Linking Theme Files and Directories
  • Custom Headers (@siobhan)
  • Adding Admin Menus (@ryanr14)

Part Three: Advanced Theme Topics

  • Child Themes (@ryanr14)
  • Theme Customizer [This still needs to be properly incorporated: ]
  • Theme Security
  • Creating an Admin Theme (should be deleted – per @drewapicture)
  • UI Best Practices
  • Theme Unit Tests (@kpdesign) – Needs Review
  • Validating Your Website (needs to be deleted – Codex content is primarily user-based. Guidelines already have a short section about validation – @kpdesign)

Part Four: Theme Release

  • Required Template Files
  • Submission Process (@kpdesign)
  • Testing
  • Theme Review Guidelines (@drewapicture)
  • Writing Documentation