Codex Audit & Docs Sprint

@jhoffm34 and I have been reviewing the content in the Codex. I exported all of the pages from Google Analytics and then we’ve sorted them into groups of similar content types to see what emerges. You can view the spreadsheet here:

The content we analysed broke down broadly into these different areas:


  • Installing WordPress
  • Getting Started
  • Glossary
  • Blogging
  • Site Builder
  • Troubleshooting
  • Multisite
  • Administration (inc Security?)
  • Getting Help

There are also about 60 reference pages for the various Panels/Screens. e.g.


  • Setting up a Development Environment
  • How WordPress Works
  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Reference
  • Plugin Developer
  • Theme Developer
  • Server
  • Multisite
  • Administration

I am keen to have a strict division between the user-focused material and the developer-focused material. Of course, there are times when a developer will be a user (when they are managing their website) and there are times when a user will be a developer (when they tweak their theme) but linking between resources is more effective than putting the user and developer material together.

I’m reluctant to make major plans for restructuring and changing everything around before we close the Codex survey and analyse the results (some of which are surprising i.e. not everyone hates the Codex), however, I would like to come up with some concrete tasks for the Docs Sprint in a few weeks.

Therefore, I suggest that the team at the docs sprint tackle the following handbooks that can be built on

  • Site Builder Handbook
  • Blogging Handbook
  • Editor Handbook
  • Theme Developer Handbook

Thoughts? Complaints? Suggestions?

#codex, #sprint