In search of WordPress users

I am looking for WordPress users to feature in the introduction of the book.

By WordPress users I mean people using WordPress for their website, blog, etc. I don’t mean people using WordPress as a development tool, to build their business – i.e. people who are outside of the community, who are doing something interesting, and who use WordPress. They’re likely your clients, or your family members, or the people you’ve recommended WordPress to. They may know very little about WordPress – that’s not important, it’s the people that matter. Here’s some examples of people that I’d like to speak to:

  • small business owners (e.g. picture framers, watch makers, grocers, restauranteurs, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers)
  • political activists (particularly anyone who’s blogged from war zones, uprisings, revolutions, or world-significant events)
  • non-profits & charities
  • bloggers (mummy bloggers, fitness bloggers, cooking bloggers, knitting bloggers, fan blogs, gossip bloggers, etc etc )
  • educational institutions (universities, schools, other educational units)
  • governments and government agencies
  • anyone who does something interesting and uses WordPress

I’m happy to chat with them on Skype or via email. I’ll be asking them what they do day to day, where they do it, and how they use WordPress.

I’m looking for people all over the world. If you know of someone who you think would be a good fit but they don’t speak English, it would be great if you could act as a translator.

Any help the community could give me on this would be massively appreciated. I realise that I rarely interact with WP users outside of the community anymore :(. But since many of you have clients, friends, family etc, I was hoping you could point people in my direction.

If you know of anyone who would be interested, please ask them to email siobhan at wordpress dot org.

Update: I need to be in touch with people by 27th May.