Plugin & Theme Developer Handbook Workflow Changes

Things aren’t moving along as quickly as I had hoped, but now that I’m working on WordPress full-time I’m hoping that i can help to move things along. I’ve had a chat with Rachel and Tom and we’ve decided to change tactics.

First of all, the schedule is out the window. I created that to write in a linear fashion but as a writer myself I should have taken into account the fact that manuals are rarely written linearly. Instead of having deadlines, we’re going to instead do the following:

  • if you wish to be involved in either handbook, please set aside 2 hours per week for writing. If you are unable to dedicate this time please make Tom or Rachel aware of it.
  • please only assign yourself to a maximum of two items in the spreadsheet
  • every Tuesday, I’d like for each person to post on either:

the theme developer handbook reporting thread
the plugin developer handbook reporting thread.

Please follow this format:

Last week: worked on [article title].
Link: URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL
Issues: (list any issues you’re having or assistance you need)

Next week: working on [article title]

  • if you miss two Tuesdays in a row then we’ll get in touch to see if everything is okay. If you can’t keep it up we will remove you from the spreadsheet (you’ll still get credit for everything you’ve done, but we need to keep things moving along.

Theme and PluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the Plugin Directory or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party Developer Handbook Office Hours are every Wednesday at 3pm UTC.

If you have any questions please let me know.