Theme Handbook Update Jan 24th

Friends, Romans, Theme developers, lend me your hooks…and let us together take “action”.
For those that haven’t heard, I am the editor of the Theme Handbook. I am responsible for  bringing together the different theme topics, to be written by volunteers like you, into a cohesive reference on building a WordPress theme.
With the help of Siobhan, Chip, and many others we have compiled the table of contents for the Theme Handbook.  The Handbook contains five different sections that are split among many different topics:
  • Introduction – Content Management in WordPress, What is a Theme?
  • Theme Basics – Template Files, The Loop, Template Tags, Theme Functions, Including CSS, Including JavaScript
  • Theme Functionality – Comments, Sidebars, Navigation Menus, Thumbnails, Image Galleries, Accessibility, Translation, Misc.
  • Advanced Theme Topics – Best Practices, UI/UX, Theme Customizer, Theme Options, Security, Child Themes
  • Theme Release – Required Files, Testing, Writing Documentation, Submission Process

Our team is in need of a few more contributors.  Each topic will be written by one or more volunteer contributors.   If you know of anyone that would be interested or perhaps a good fit for an open section please do let me know.

The next steps are to get the current volunteers access to the Theme Handbook site, find volunteers for the unclaimed sections, and get this show on the road.
The next IRC Docs Chat is today at 2100 UTC on #wordpress-sfd.  Hope to see you there.