Plugin and Theme Developer Handbook Editors

I’m really happy that we have identified two editors for the Plugin and Theme Developer Handbooks:

  • Plugin Developer – Tom McFarlin
  • Theme Developer – Rachel Baker

Rachel and Tom will be leading and managing each of the handbooks, with me on hand to support them with anything that they need. We’ve almost finalised the table of contents for each of these handbooks, so writing will be able to begin soon.

I’ve added Rachel and Tom as editors here so they’ll be posting about their respective handbooks. As a reminder, here is a list of the people who are involved with these two handbooks:

Plugin Dev

Pippin Williamson
Dougal Campbell (Best Practices)
Thomas Griffin
Maor Chasen
Justin Sainton
Daniel Bachhuber
Drew Jaynes

Theme Dev

Chris Reynolds
Tammie Lister
Jay Hoffman
Mario Peshev
Suzette Franck
Drew Jaynes

Accessibility – Esmi
UI/UX – Mel Choyce/Shane Pearlman

We’re low on numbers for Theme Dev so if you know of anyone who would like to get involved send them our way.