Missing breadcrumbs to support

After a discussion on Twitter this morning initiated by @rarst, it became apparent that there’s a bit of breakdown when it comes to pointing theme authors to supported channels if they have questions about the theme review guidelines. @chip_bennett mentioned that the mailing list is the best way to get that feedback but most relevant Codex articles and WordPress.org pages lack that tie-up.

So it got me thinking about what other pathways might be missing for say, plugin authors, users and other contributors for getting support. I think for any of us, the many support channels are obvious, as are the nuances of each for particular types of communication. But it’s not so obvious for others, especially newcomers. @rarst described it as a “constant scavenger hunt”.

Having something like https://codex.wordpress.org/Contributing_to_WordPress is great, but not if

  • It’s incomplete
  • Relevant pages aren’t pointing to it.
  • There’s no focus on repository-based contributions

Which pages are missing the tie-up and what can we do to fortify the Contributing to WordPress article?

#support, #theme-review-guidelines