WordPress Codex Sprint Round-up

The first WordPress codexWordPress Codex Living online manual to WordPress.org https://codex.wordpress.org/ sprint was a success! A bunch of us got together in the #wordpress-sfd chatroom and ploughed through the majority of the docs. You can see how successful we were by checking out our to-do list.

There are a few things left on the list so if anyone could tackle them and let me know so I can tick them off that’d be great. The final bits and pieces are developer docs.

Some things that we learned:

  • documentation sprints are a great way to get through a lot of documentation at once.
  • it is important to have some developers involved who can deal with the ultra-developer stuff and field questions

Anyone learned anything else? Add it to the comments so I can add it to the list.

Thanks to the following people for working hard to get the docs updated: Jerry Bates (@jerrysarcastic), Jonathan Wold (@sirjonathan), Philip Erb (@philerb), Curtis McHale (@curtismchale), Mika Epstein (@ipstenu), Jason Hoffman (@jhoffm34), and Marko Heijnen (@markoheijnen)

Special thanks to Drew Jaynes (@drewapicture) who hasn’t just been a rockstar, he’s been a superstar. Thanks Drew!

Future Sprints

I’d love to see more documentation sprints in the future. As well as having them virtually, they could be organised at WordCamps to coincide with developer activity. Some ideas for future sprints:

  • updating the function reference and making sure that everything has examples
  • cleaning out old content
  • updating out-of-date pages
  • re-working the FAQs
  • making a dent in the handbooks
  • working through the Help Tabs

If anyone else has any suggestions for future documentation sprints, and how often they think they should be, do leave a comment!

#codex, #sprint