Meeting Recap – Nov 29 2012

Okay, here’s what we talked about:

1. WordPress 3.5 Codex Updates

[UPDATE: What calendar was I looking at? 3.5 will appear on Wednesday so aim for Thursday on the docs sprint]

We’re going to have a docs sprint next week from Tuesday Thursday onwards to get the codex up-to-date after WordPress 3.5 launches. Expect a post about this tomorrow. Myself and @DrewAPicture will compile a list of tasks.

2. Help Tabs

We agreed that we want to work on the Help Tabs. This will start in earnest after Christmas. Things we’ll need to think about:

  • how do people interact with the help tabs? (do some work with WordPress users to see what they think of it?)
  • what is the state of our current content?
  • how can we make the content useful?
  • what experience do we want people to have?
  • what tone and voice will we use? (talk to marketing folks?)
  • how can we make help helpful?

3. Handbooks

Ongoing work. Aiming to start the bulk of it after Christmas. Expect a post in the next day or two with an update.