Design chat summary for July 14

This is the design chat summary on July 14. (Slack log).

In attendance was: myself, @hugobaeta, @mapk, @melchoyce, @foliovision, @ocean50.

  • @hugobaeta updated us on the status with the about page #37246. Things are moving on there and @mapk is going to work on the shiny updates graphic with @hugobaeta working on the native fonts.
  • @FolioVision brought up #36999 that needs feedback.
  • WordCamp New York is happening this week and there’s a contribution day. There will be a design team lead by @melchoyce – woohoo!

We’ll be back next week Thursday July 21st, 20:00 UTC!


Design chat agenda for July 14

This week’s chat is at the usual time tomorrow at Thursday 20:00 UTC. What are we going to chat about? We currently have one subject, but please leave your comments for other things to discuss.

  • About page for 4.6.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Design chat summary for July 7

This is the design chat summary on July 7. (Slack log).

There were no other attendees this time.

  • @hugobaeta who was unable to make the meeting, sent an update on the 50 Shades of Grey project. You can find the codepen here.  He now has 100-900 list of dark greys to merge a few values (going from 19 individual color declarations to 9. The codepen with the color creation can be found here. This is great! He has asked if anyone wants to test, he has yet to work out context or tickets.
  • The about page for 4.6 is in full swing copy wise. There is a trac ticket #37246 everyone can follow, @hugobaeta is leading that charge there.
  • @swissspidy is asking for feedback on two tickets for Shiny Updates. #37230 and #37233, lets make sure he has some.

We’ll be back next week Thursday July 14th, 20:00 UTC!


Design chat agenda for July 7

This week’s chat is at the usual time tomorrow at Thursday 20:00 UTC. Feel free to add more topics as comments and we will also have an open discussion at the end. I will be leading this chat this week.

  • 50 shades of grey update: @hugobaeta has given me an update to share as he is unable to attend.
  • About page for 4.6. Lets reserve some time and see what we can focus on this week for that.


Design Chat Summary for June 30

This is the summary from the Design Chat on June 30 (Slack log)


@afercia @foliovision @helen @hugobaeta @jorbin @karmatosed @melchoyce@ocean90 @voldemortensen @zetaraffix (props for the amazing note taking)

1 – beta testing new release
“It’s important for us as a team to poke it, prod it and shake that beta thing!”
Also important to test on different devices. So it would be great if it were a weekend project for all who can (the more eyes, the better).

2 – the “about page”
Every release we have to make a new About page with the new update (the page shown after you update). The last few releases, it has been done by our dear @melchoyce. Would be great to ease her work load and help here.
@ocean90 opened a ticket for that #37246.
@jorbin: “At times the design has also included interactive elements. We’ve demoed the updated password meter and a few other things in the past – The password meter was animated until you clicked into it and then it was interactive”

Here’s the link to the beta (to get a feel for about page content)

@ocean90: “Top feature is shiny updates and I’d like to see something with interaction for that.” Also discussed possible addition of video of features and interactivity of sorts.

We agreed on aiming at July 27, 2016 (which is RC1) as a deadline for About page.
That’s 4 weeks and should be a good time.

The team: @hugobaeta and @ocean90 will coordinate to start process. Next week they’ll update on areas that need help. Maybe we’ll also get @sararosso onboard for copywriting.
@zetaraffix, @karmatosed, @foliovision happy to be on team/involved

3 – open discussion
@afercia brings up tickets: #37230 and #37233
The idea is for all to give it some consideration and add to those tickets.

Also ticket #35191 could use some input with regards to new wording for the actions in the import page.

We’ll be back next week Thursday July 7th, 20:00 UTC!


Design Chat Summary for June 16

This is the summary from the Design Chat on June 16 (Slack log)

Attendees: @karmatosed, @voldemortensen

We had no agenda today, so it was all open discussion. But since it was only 3 of us, we didn’t had much objective topics to talk about.

Next week @karmatosed and I will be in Vienna for WordCamp Europe! If you’re around, come say hi and join us on Sunday for the contributors day in the Design table. We’ll coordinate with @ocean90 to try and move some pending design tickets along while we’re all together there!

There won’t be a chat next week. We’ll be back to the weekly chats on Thursday June 30, 20:00 UTC!


Design Chat Summary for June 2

This is the summary from the Design Chat on June 2 (Slack log)

Attendees: @karmatosed, @mapk, @johnragozzine, @voldemortensen, @afercia


  • Design Chat, starting next week, is moving to Thursday June 9, 20:00 UTC – I’ve asked for the meetings page to be updated with the new time.
  • We discussed #35191 and it seems like the ticket will be divided into two: one about the tool tips, another about the visual changes to the table. @afercia mentioned he wants some more feedback on the link/text placement and wording, and that can happen in the existing ticket. So comment away!
  • That discussion spinned off (ha!) into a side conversation on the need to add a spinner to the shinny updates project, and how it’s important to keep consistent with the existing spinners in the admin.
  • I gave an update to the 50 Shades of Gray project. @voldemortensen helped me compile a list of colors, a total of 174 unique color declarations were found in the admin css. I’ve started organizing it in a codepen and the next step is to start making changes and then doing some QA (@johnragozzine offered to help with this) to make sure the changes are not messing anything up.
  • Open Discussion didn’t get any takers, so I shared an idea to replace Open Sans on the sites now that core is moving to system fonts. I made an exploration with a pairing of Source Sans Pro and Noto Serif on a codepen in an attempt to bring back a serif typeface to Feedback welcomed!

That is all for this week. Thanks to the attendees! @karmatosed will lead next week’s chat (on the new time slot) on Thursday June 9, 20:00 UTC!


Design Chat Agenda for June 2

the design weekly chat happens in a few minutes, at 17:00 UTC. Short agenda today, feel free to add more topics in the comments or bring something up during open discussion:

  • @karmatosed brought up some time conflicts and is proposing we move the time of the Design Chat, starting next week, to June 9, 20:00 UTC. Let’s discuss and if everyone agrees, we’ll switch it.
  • @afercia needs some feedback on #35191
  • The 50 Shades of Gray – Continued.
  • Open Discussion

See you in a few minutes!


Design Chat Summary for May 26

Archives can be found here.

We had a shorter meeting with a few main points brought up.

Thoughts are still wanted for #36922.

We discussed #36424 as requested by @ocean90. I added a comment that sums up our thoughts, we need to know why this is important on this screen, before we even look at the visual idea.

@westonruter brought up #34923. @mapk is going to update the ticket with our feedback discussed.

There was an open floor but no other subjects were brought up.

Next week’s meeting will be lead by @hugobaeta and at the same time in #design on Slack.


Design Chat Agenda for May 26

The weekly design meetings continue today at 17:00 UTC in #design on Slack. Topics to include this week:

As you can see, we only have one agenda item, so we need more! Feel free to bring things up in the open discussion or leave a comment here for discussion.