I changed the Make It Better! sidebar ar…

I changed the Make It Better! sidebar area from text widget to Custom Menu and added a link to the style guide site. Next step will be to move all the style guide content over here; I’ll tackle that later this week. (Any reason to leave it on WordPress.com rather than manage it here?)


I created a Trac Ticket (http://core.tra…

I created a Trac Ticket (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/14081) for UI inconsistencies I’ve run across while working on the styleguide.

Please add any you’ve noticed or comment on the ones that don’t need to be fixed. I just needed a place to note the weird things I’ve come across.


Style Guide – Work Area

The documentation is up at https://codex.wordpress.org/User:TECannon/UI_Pattern_and_Style_Guide. Feel free to contact me if you want to contribute, and any discussion can take place below as well.

#documentation-2, #style-guide

Highlights from the short March 4 UI Mee…

Highlights from the short March 4 UI Meeting:

  • Jane is in the middle of last minute 3.0 ui craziness, so there are no big projects going on, mostly cleanup.
  • Not an official project… the dark header at the top of the admin screens (using the gray color scheme) doesn’t match the rest of the admin screens, which have that light, open and airy feeling. The “visit site” and “new post” buttons are too low-contrast. We need to lighten it up a little and get those buttons to have higher contrast for accessibility reasons. The gray color scheme is the most important b/c it is default. Just do header in a few variations by Tuesday and we’ll see if anything sticks. (JohnONolan & gastonfig volunteered to look at it.)
  • Style-guide: TECannon is still working on the style-guide and will post sections here for discussion.
  • (As of 3/8 I’m not sure if this is still needed.) Need to come up with a button (largeish) to drop in header. “Updates Available!” would probably be the text. It should be high contrast, and would likely live between the site title and the favorites menu (new post dropdown). Upgrade has been changed to Update and the Upgrade SubPanel has been moved from Tools to Dashboard.

And that’s about it.