#18301 – Multisite Theme Activation


Goal of this ticket is to make it faster and easier to activate themes in multisite installs. See my comment on the ticket. Looking at a) possible label change, b) adding a highlight state to the themes list table, and/or c) any UI suggestion that would make this process easier. Let’s hash out early ideas and/or mockups here, and when we’ve got something solid, move over to trac.

#multisite, #network-admin, #trac

Ticket #15942 – Username vs. Email for I…

Ticket #15942 – Username vs. Email for Identifying Users

Reported Problem: “When I create a new blog in a network, I am asked to enter the Admin Email. This is rather useless to me because all our accounts come from an LDAP directory. So I have to remember the site admin’s email address, which is not always consistent across my organization. It would be nicer if I had an autocomplete-style field where I could enter the user’s ID.”

The issues of selecting existing users vs. adding new users and doing so by email address vs. username touches more admin interactions than just this one. We’ll need to address it as a whole rather than just focusing on this one person’s complaint, but using this ticket as a starting point for discussion.

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