Back to meetings, starting with CSS!

We’ve been lacking in the weekly chat department as of late, and think it’s time we bring them back. Let’s get started tomorrow, May 1 at 18:00 UTC with a chat that we predict will largely focus on ticket #20570 – revisiting and (please please please) aiming to come to a consensus about CSS standards in core. There is also the Codex page to peruse in the meantime.

In addition to this focus, we should discuss CSS cleanup at large and, if any new contributors join us, reserve some open time at the end to talk through any issues with setting up for dev (remember: SCRIPT_DEBUG) and making patches, as well as remembering to look at various browsers, RTL, other languages, and both color schemes. I’d also like to run a couple ideas about the color schemes by the group while we’re at it.

As a general note, chats and Core UI work are not always all about CSS, so don’t be intimidated or feel excluded just because that’s our intended focus for tomorrow.

Hope to see you there!


In the new year we’ve had some people w…

In the new year we’ve had some people who haven’t been able to make our current IRC chat time. ( Tuesdays @ 19:00 UTC ) How does everyone feel about a time change? When would you best be available? Please comment with your thoughts/what time is best for you. I propose we make it an hour earlier if that works for everyone.