Image Widget Link Usability Testing

Hey folks 👋

We’ve gotten some general feedback that the context switch makes it feel different from adding an image to a page or a post, so people are having some trouble finding where in the image widget to add a link. I ran a couple usability tests on the existing image widget, as well as this PR from @timmydcrawford to expose the link within the widget itself. We wanted to compare both versions and see which one was easier.

I want to share the test details, some stats, and finally some conclusions I found from testing, which I’ve summarized into a list organized by 👓 observations, 💡 ideas, and 🐛 bugs.

If you’re interested, you can view all the videos in this Cloudup gallery. They’re very short! Almost all of them are between five and eight minutes long, with one longer outlier of 11 minutes.

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