I submitted our application to be a part…

I submitted our application to be a participating organization in the Google Code-in.

We need to compile the task list. I put in some high-level placeholders for now, but people should go ahead and make suggestions for tasks. Note that the final task list will be pruned down to those tasks that are approved by the core leads and that have appropriate people available to oversee them, to ensure a positive outcome for the students and that we’re not wasting anyone’s time. If you want to suggest a task, leave it in a comment here. Specify if you are also offering to mentor any student taking on that task, or if it’s just something you think should get done. As tasks are agreed upon and have mentors assigned to them, I’ll add them to the codex page.

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Summary of May 6 Meeting

Summary of May 6 Meeting

Q & A with Justin Shreve about his Ideas & Feedback Theme project which was accepted for GSoC. (Congrats!)


Previous Discussion: https://make.wordpress.org/ui/2010/04/01/better-ideas-so-to-speak/

  • GSOC officially starts May 24
  • Working on the functional specs
  • Now is a good time for feedback on features
  • Sites with similar functionality (for inspiration): Ubuntu BrainStorm, Dell IdeaStorm, UserVoice
  • He will be using the wp-ui mailing list for specific tasks and other help.
  • We’ll primarily use the mailing list to request help and for specific tasks.
  • … more specifics will be coming in the next few weeks.

This week’s challenge::

Better alternatives to the orange from the update notifications for themes/plugins. Blue/gray has been suggested as an alternative. Post mockups and suggestions here.

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Better Ideas (so to speak)

Justin Shreve is proposing a GSoC project this year that I’m sure will be near and dear to the UI group’s heart, and that some of you may want to help with it (the pre-project design part). Everyone wants to fix the Ideas forum, right? It’s currently in bbPress, I’ve been cleaning it out, we added categories, and it’s very slowly getting a little more useful and just needs a new design to make it easier to get around, right? Maybe, maybe not. bbPress does some things very well, and others not so much. Justin’s proposal will be for a theme and some plugins that could be used to run the Ideas forum (I’m thinking it could get relocated to make.wordpress.org/suggestions), and I will likely be the primary mentor for the UX/interaction modeling, with another mentor for code reviews. Here’s his proposal draft:

GSoC Proposal: Specialized Theme for Ideas & Feedback

I’ve just talked to him about additional features and structuring the project, so this draft may change a bit, but now’s a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a full design project, as opposed to little UI tweaks. Comment away!

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