Round 3 of the WP as a…

Round 3 of the “WP as a CMS” cycle is ready for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂 Previous user tests for this discovery cycle can be found here and here.

This one’s audio is a bit fuzzy at times. I changed up a few of the tasks to be a bit more clear on what I was wanting this guy to do. Have a look, and please highlight anything you spot (that could be fixed) in the comments.

Experiencing technical difficulties with the video – Sorry – I’ll get it posted as soon as I get that sorted…

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Here’s round 2 of the WordPress as…

Here’s round 2 of the “WordPress as a CMS” user test. You can view round one here.

As much as I love spending 2+ hours making notes on each user test video, I’m going to try a different approach with this one. As you watch this one, please make a note in the comments if you spot anything that could be fixed. I’ve found the “2:23 – Something happened here” format to work pretty well.

#discovery-cycle-2, #user-testing

Here’s the start of another discovery cycle #2…

Here’s the start of another discovery cycle (#2). This one is focused around WordPress as a CMS (using it to build a website vs. for a blog). I’ll need to make some edits to this script before I run any other users through it.

You can download the video and follow along if you’d like (however, this one is super painful to watch – you’ve been warned!)

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#discovery-cycle-2, #user-testing