Usability Testing for WordPress Customizer Theme Switcher Improvements

I did five usability tests for theme switcher and sliding panels in the customizer.


  • Users found the customizer very user-friendly overall.
  • Expected clicking on a theme thumbnail to open a preview, not the details modal.
  • Difficulty navigating back using the current 4.2-alpha design (pre-31289.diff).
  • Expected clicking the “Save & Activate” button to not kick them to the front end.
  • “Save & Publish” is clicked a lot more often for sliding panels.
  • I asked two users (note small sample size) which navigation style they preferred, both picked accordion.

Full Videos

  1. 1406491a-usertesting.mp4 (17m5s)
  2. 1408362a-usertesting.mp4 (8m53s)
  3. 1408760a-usertesting.mp4 (7m58s)
  4. 1408936a-usertesting.mp4 (11m15s)
  5. 1414874a-usertesting.mp4 (15m35s)

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