Content Editing User Experience (CEUX)

Howdy folks!

This group will be focused around streamlining and improving the overall content editing experience in WordPress. We’ll be exploring better methods for curating and formatting content within the post and page editors. We have a preliminary set of mockups that we’ll be expanding and iterating on as we start. Here’s the plugin we’ll be building.

Our first CEUX meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 17:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui. Providing this works for most people, we’ll continue meeting at this time each week.

During our meeting, we’ll elect a team lead and discuss our process moving forward.

Current team
Our initial team is: @melchoyce (me!), @wonderboymusic, @saracannon, @DavidHickox, @georgestephanis, @helen, and to a lesser extent, @joen will be contributing feedback and ideas. We’ll also be communicating closely with the Page + Menu team as content blocks move into pages. @jenmylo has graciously agreed to advise this group. If you’re interested in getting involved, come by on Tuesday!

#3-8, #ceux

Proposal: Improving the content editing experience

As a follow-up to Matt’s recent post on make/core, I’d like to propose improving the content editing experience.

I see this working in two parts:

  1. Content blocks
  2. Content formatting

Some questions to consider moving forward:

  • How can we make formatting easier and faster to use?
  • How can we make it easier for users to include different types of media, such as audio, video, images and galleries?
  • How can we make it easier for users to embed external content, like tweets or maps?
  • How can we make it easier for plugin authors to include new types of content in a way that is more clear and intuitive for our users?
  • What would updating the content editing flow mean for theme authors? How can we make it as easy as possible for this workflow to work with current themes?

Let’s start brainstorming some initial ideas and figure out how to move forward with a proposal for next week’s 3.8 meeting.

#3-8, #content-editing

@saracannon has posted her take on a new…

@saracannon has posted her take on a new direction for post format UI, addressing some of the concerns that surfaced after @lessbloat‘s tests. Re-thinking WordPress Post Format UI.

The one that is closest to what I was thinking, and the best balance between showing the new UI (to people who are already using post formats or who have a theme with special support), and getting it out of the way once you’ve chosen, is the “In Page decision with post editor greyed out” one.


I’m curious to know what the UI team thinks. I’d like action taken on this ASAP, so that we can get the UI settled for beta 2.


Coming soon: Weekly updates

Part of the duties of a team rep for each area of contributors is to be responsible for a weekly update on the group. At this moment, there is not an established UI team rep, but as a core development team representative, I’m happy to step in until new elections are done sometime in the near-ish future.

Part of our UI group discussion at the Community Summit was about how we can make these weekly updates both informational and effective, especially when it comes to attracting and retaining contributors. Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • A breakdown of what we did this week, such as discussions held (with links to IRC as applicable), patches uploaded/worked on, and what’s changed in core in a more prose-y manner.
  • Links to ideas from the community at large, which would likely be blog posts on other sites, including your own. Discussion would be encouraged over on those posts rather than here – the creator should be able to really take ownership and pride in their idea and be centrally involved in the discussion. The idea is to both expose some of the great ideas that are happening and open up a platform for idea generation that isn’t “from the top” or carrying the official weight that gets associated with a post on the Make P2s, which are largely status-driven rather than hypothetical.
  • Weekly IRC chat summary with anything not covered above.
  • What needs to get done this week, including any assignments that have been made and ones that need volunteers. We’re thinking this will be a great step toward exposing more ways to get involved in case you’re still figuring things out.

Thoughts? Love it, hate it?

Sometimes our admin ui is crap depending on…

Sometimes our admin ui is crap, depending on the screen size/resolution/browser width combination. Should we jump on the responsive design bandwagon with the admin for the next major release? Thinking maybe @saracannon could head it up if so, given her previous experiments with same?