Weekly meeting facilitating

Each week there is a weekly design team meeting at 19:00 UTC on Thursdays in #design Slack channel. Should you wish to facilitate one, there are a few things to consider. Sessions are usually run by one of the team reps. The goal of the meeting is to get through an agenda and give everyone space to contribute.

Preparation Preparation

The day before the meeting you need to make sure of a few things:

  • Check the suggested topics with other team reps.
  • Make sure you have someone able to take notes during the meeting.
  • Either post or make sure the agenda is posted at least 24hours before the meeting.

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Facilitating the meeting Facilitating the meeting

  • Open the session by saying: <meeting> and if possible use ‘/here’ to announce start.
  • Link to the agenda so that everyone can follow along.
  • Make sure you go line by line, in the correct of the schedule.
  • Give space for responses on all agenda items.
  • Make sure there is space for an open floor.
  • Close out the session by thanking everyone for attending and saying </meeting>.