Summary for March 1st 2011 UI Chat

Limbo chat! Getting ready for 3.2 and figuring out what’s what and who has interest in working on specific projects for 3.2.

  • andewryno – looking at outputting semantic markup through WP settings API – working directly with Nacin on this
  • Chexee / saracannon – focusing on visual design tasks (TBC)
  • JohnONolan – will continue his CSS crusade, mostly
  • TECannon – accessibility design / docs
  • jsternberg (new member) – interested in some design / CSS tasks

Short review of Chexee’s “Press This” bookmarklet button – concensus leaning heavily towards the left (lighter) buttons and generally towards the top of the list to match browsers and avoid confusion with rounded action-buttons. Some concerns raised over UX behind the literal meaning of the words “Press This” on a button. Suggestion was also raised for cursor hove state to be a 4-way grabber instead of a pointer to better indicate intended use.

Aiming to have a 3.2 UI roadmap for next week’s meeting.


For anyone who cares about font-stacks, …

For anyone who cares about font-stacks, pls add your thoughts RE the removal of Lucida Grande


Hi guys, Jane and I are both out and abo…

Hi guys,

Jane and I are both out and about today so no official meeting. That being said, please still go ahead and have an informal discussion, two main points to cover:

  • What are your thought’s on the issue raised by Simon, below?
  • Could you all please brainstorm some ideas for UI tasks for GCI students? If you think you could mentor any of the list which you come up (comment in reply to this post) with then please also include:
    • Your name and Google ID beside the task you’d like to mentor
    • If you haven’t already signed up to be a mentor and don’t have a Google ID, please do so here:

Summary for November 23rd 2010 UI Chat

Good meeting today

  • We now have a completed wp-admin.psd (props TECannon, Chexee)
    • Screenshot:
    • Downloadable file:
  • Upcoming UI tasks will heavily surround Google Code-In
  • All other tasks directed at 3.2 as 3.1 goes into beta


Google Code In Student Information

Hello GCI Students,

You’ve probably reached this post from a GCI Task linking you here, if so – welcome to the WordPress UI Group blog. This is where we work on designing and developing the front-end of the WordPress administrative system.

We have three main mentors for UI based tasks:

  1. Jane Wells – The UI and UX lead for WordPress.
  2. John O’Nolan (that’s me) – I’m Jane’s deputy and I head up the UI Group.
  3. Sara Cannon – One of the UI Group’s main contributors

Most of these mentors are available for your questions in the #wordpress-gsoc channel on depending on the time of day.

When we complete WordPress UI based tasks, we have meetings here each week to discuss the work that’s going to be completed. Once the tasks are decided and assigned to different people, mockups are produced which are then reviewed here. After a couple of rounds of revisions (sometimes more), the work is signed off, and we move over to WordPress Trac – which is where the development happens.

For your GCI tasks which are focused mockups, here are some resources which you can use:

  • We have an early working version of a styleguide for WordPress
  • We have a PSD which contains assets for the main WordPress admin layout (link tbc)
  • We have a PSD which contains assets for the assorted WordPress UI elements (link tbc)

Also, when creating mockups – here are some very important things to keep in mind.

  • Remember that WordPress is designed to be used by millions of people
  • Everything we design needs to be translated into over 60 different languages
    • These languages include really long words and special charcters (eg. Chinese and Korean)
    • Some of these languages are written from right to left (commonly referred to as RTL)
    • For these reasons all WordPress UI elements need to “work” with double the width, a flexible height, and backwards.
  • Want to know why the WordPress UI is the way it is right now? Read the user testing report which took place for WordPress 2.7, which is what the current UI is based on.
  • Design for a consistent user experience and to be flexible – above all other things.

Summary for November 16th 2010 UI Chat

Very light meeting, pretty much everyone was away today – so just a quick check in on progress all round. I spent the evening running through UI tickets with Nacin.

In the mean time – I want to guage interest for UI contributors who want to learn to use trac and do UI patches. If there are a couple of people interested then I’d be happy to do a 1 hour session for designers on how to do all that sort off stuff from the ground up – which could be good for between now and when the core contributor handbook is published.

Comment below if you think that would be helpful to you.


Summary for November 9th 2010 UI Chat

Good meeting, a few notes:

  • We’re ignoring daylight savings, meetings will now be 1 hour later so they stay at the same time each week.
  • TECannon and Chexee collaborating to finish the last bits of the UI group PSDs
  • JohnONolan and Saracannon collaborating to continue CSS refractor efforts
  • Started to discuss a few potential ui group projects for 3.2


Summary for October 12th 2010 UI Chat

Good meeting today, lots covered:

  • More elements added to UI elements PSD (props Chexee) – more elements to come:
    • Notifications
    • Icons (Contact Ben Dunkle)
    • Spinners
  • TECannon progressing with other UI PSD (general structure)
  • Blue admin skin progress (props saracannon) – revisions to follow:
    • Deep blue borders + arrow icon for active menu state
    • Mockup w/ dark grey text + arrow icon for active menu state
    • Revised screen options tabs + fav menu
  • Update from JohnONolan (that’s me) on CSS refactor progress (preview:
    • Only restructure for 3.1 – no code changes
    • Probably only for 3.1 – this is a big job, so needs a phased approach
  • Tabs, few issues with current approach and proposed alternative discussed – mockups welcome for next week
  • General WP UI plans discussed for future releases


Summary for October 5th 2010 UI Chat

Short meeting today, everyone pretty much carrying on with the points from last week.

  • New tabs concept (props Chexee)


Summary for September 28th 2010 UI Chat

Big meeting today:

  • Anyone who is having trouble commenting on this blog, either log out of .org or contact myself or nacin to add you as a subscriber to that blog.
  • Reviewed blue admin skin UI mockups (props saracannon) – going forward with the lighter version and developing further
    • Screenshot:
  • Gastonfig + Elfin progressing with accessible skin, main focus on larger hit areas, now waiting on CSS refactor
  • Trac/SVN overview from nacin, beginning documentation here:
  • Tabs Experiment needs a new iteration – open to all contributors for mockups by next week
    • See
  • UI Group Repo Population (woot!)
    • TECannon to tackle main admin layout PSD
    • Chexee to tackle PSD of UI elements (buttons/forms/etc)
  • JohnONolan to get on with CSS refactor and catch up because he is being slow