Why Jazz?

A few folks have asked me why myself and many in the WordPress community are drawn to jazz musicians as what we promote with each release, with the wild Hello Dolly events idea, and now starting to incorporate more into our design language.

The formula for jazz is Music + Freedom.

It has a form, history, and legacy, but still allows for a tremendous amount of individual creative expression when it’s performed. It can, with intention, be different every time, and unique to every performer.

Jazz is not alone as an art form that allows this, it exists in a 3D space alongside many other genres and non-sound forms of expression.

But keep in mind that formula, combining a deep understanding and respect for the past, with a opportunity for each individual to express their creativity in their own way and evolve a new future, and you’ll see why we’re drawn to jazz as an art form that shares a lot of philosophical underpinnings with how we want to build WordPress.