Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #46

I hope you all are staying safe out there in the world today! This week in Gutenberg Design has several things going on. Let’s address them below.

Full site editing

Overview link:

Multi-entity saving has an interesting prototype uploaded just yesterday.

Multi-entity saving in sidebar

Or another take on it in a dialog modal.

Multi-entity saving in modal

I ran a short Twitter poll that asked how people would like to be informed about saving certain parts of their site. Based on those that answered the poll, the preference for a multi-editing save at the end of all their edits. We don’t use Twitter polls to direct our design decisions, but they can help inform them.

Lots of discussion and explorations are continuing to go into the Toolbar in the Editor. This particular mockup helps convey where the designs are leading currently.

Global styles

Overview link:

The global styles minimum viable product (MVP) includes some basic elements that will help anyone edit their styles across all pages/posts. These elements include: font-family, font-scale, line-height, and link colors. This issue defines how this may look:

Global styles in sidebar

Block patterns

The block pattern work is already included in the current plugin right now as an MVP. We’re working to add more patterns that are great for common layouts that many can take advantage of. Once more patterns are added, work will continue on the Block Library to include them there as well.

Testimonials pattern

Get involved

Now’s a great time to get involved. While the work on this project is intense, it’s always important to glean new perspectives from other WordPress users and community members. Just drop into any of the links provided above to read up on the details and contribute.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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