Design Meeting Notes for 4 March 2020

These are the weekly notes for the design meeting that happens on Wednesdays. You can read the full transcript on our Slack channel and find the meeting’s agenda here.


There is a reminder about Daylight Saving Hours. The proposal is to move forward meeting times by an hour on March 29. If people would also like a different time that is an option. Leave your comments at the bottom.

The design team is looking for notetakers. It’s imperative for the global community to share the notes on our meetings async. If you need any information, reach out to @karmatosed or any member of the team.

A second call is for triage volunteers, either core/meta or Gutenberg. @karmatosed and @mapk can help.


Several PRs got into WordPress 5.4 RC 1 on 3 March. The improvements coming in WordPress 5.4 include:

Some other work that needs ideas, suggestions and your design skills:

Open Floor

A question was raised whether if the design team maintains discussions on Figma as opposed to GitHub. The design team doesn’t have much discussions on Figma, we try to maintain the discussions on either the PRs, GitHub or the Slack channel. But comments or design iterations are welcome. If you need access to the Figma account, please request it on the Slack channel.

@joyously presented an idea to link areas of an image to a URL. Some members recommended a plugin or to look for a third-party block. It would be a great enhancement to add.

A topic for discussion: the overall state of the UI elements in Figma. Feel free to add your comments below or leave them in the Slack chat.

Design meetings are:

  • Core/meta triage: Monday 17:30 UTC
  • Gutenberg triage: Tuesday 17:00 UTC
  • Design Team: Wednesday 19:00 UTC