Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #43

Howdy, and happy Friday! Gutenberg 7.3 just released this week! It included a several fantastic improvements.

Gutenberg 7.3

Navigation block text/background colors

Navigation block text and background color

Better block labels in the Navigation block’s Navigator

Navigation block navigator

Replace media flow has been added to the Cover 19583, Media+Text 19198, File 19174, Audio 19158 and Video 19162 blocks.

Replace media flow component for an Image block

This release also includes lots of “lighter DOM” PRs which improve performance and make the DOM easier to style for both plugin and theme authors. Many, many, many bug fixes as well.

WordPress 5.4 Preparation

In preparation for WordPress 5.4, a list of particular PRs has been gathered that I’m hoping we can get in. The list includes:

Theme experiments

Over at, @jffng began experimenting around a block-based theme for WordPress and posted about his experience.

Configure or restrict interactions in Gutenberg

One use-case is for admins to configure or restrict the interactions within Gutenberg. @youknowriad goes into detail around how the improvements to the API allow for some of this recently.

Get involved

Now’s a great time to get involved. While the work on this project is intense, it’s always important to glean new perspectives from other WordPress users and community members. Just drop into any of the links provided above to read up on the details and contribute.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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