The proposed design focus list for 5.4 release

This release the design team have tried a little different process. This iteration started with collaborating to create a list of potential things to focus on for 5.4. As discussed in this week’s design meeting, the next step is to review a proposed list.

To try and focus things a little I have grouped these, ordered first by the projects everyone is focusing on this year. 5.4 sees updates as a focus here with that work starting. Thanks to @mapk for giving the issues for the editor and a review of this post.

Automatic Plugin, Theme, and Major Core Updates


The things focusing on this release for the editor are foundational experience iterations, which lay the ground for later releases this year.



Other (needs design feedback)

Other (given feedback so need watching)

Here is a list of things to potentially punt to future releases

If nobody objects these will be punted this week. Punting doesn’t mean they won’t be done a much as not this release.


As you look through the list and comment, it would be great to consider a few things:

  • The release schedule is shorter with beta 1 on February 11th.
  • What looks ready to release and will make the time frame or has to if you think about projects we are focusing on.
  • Leave time with anything larger for testing.

If there is anything you are working on please also add as a comment so it can be added.

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