Proposal for design team Trello board organising

As a team, design uses a Trello board for organising tasks outside GitHub and Trac. During this week’s design weekly meeting there was a discussion about how to iterate on this and put it back at the heart of our weekly meetings.

A simpler flowing structure

Here is a structure suggestion might work better and has more of flow across the board. 

  • Inbox
  • Needs design
  • Needs feedback
  • Building
  • Blocked
  • Icebox*

*Icebox will be cleared down every month to avoid becoming a place cards go to become invisible.

Focused labels

Currently, our labels are being used for workflow. By having the above flow this stops those being it and can bring in the labels as subjects.

  • Documentation: identity what needs documentation
  • Meta
  • Core
  • Task
  • First contribution: a great label for contribution day
  • … there might be more labels but keeping simple to start, for example, type of design like icons could be good to note.

In practice, whatever structure we have only functions if we go back to having this board be the focal point of weekly meetings again.

Future considerations

Whilst other processes, tools are interesting to review, for now iterating on what we have is a great first step. Some key points to explore after this first iteration would be:

  • What belongs in Trello or should be in GitHub/Trac/other tools?
  • How do we sync everything or even should we?

For now, those topics are out of the scope of this proposal but I note to show they are future discussion points.

Next steps

If everyone agrees this will be implemented in a week and handbook updated with the information on how to use Trello now. Once done, the board will become a part of our weekly meetings again.

The idea is to start by doing this and in a month review if this is working out. One of the problems in the past has been doing something without review.

#trello #organising