Proposal: Creating new WordPress Style Guide resources

At the moment, the style guides within the Design Guidelines are a little bare. Specifically, there are things we can add to improve the experience in interacting with these docs. A great example would be this online tool Material UI Colors, which copies the colour’s hex code to your clipboard when you click it.

In the latest Design Meeting, I suggested that it might be helpful to improve the WordPress style guide by building resources in a new open documentation site, one with features like instant copy/paste and code snippets where applicable. This site could showcase the content that already exists – specifically colours, typography, and iconography.

It would not necessarily designed to replace the existing make guidelines, but compliment it as an external resource. Similar to how the existing colour page links to an external codepen.

It would be particularly cool to have this available for people before WordCamp US so that everyone participating on Contributor Day could use it and potentially get onboarded faster.

The site would be open source from the beginning, with the code available on a Github repository. It would have automated workflows that’ll make it much easier to contribute to (and play around with). Anyone would be able to add issues and submit pull requests. I’ve built several doc sites and style guides in the past, so it’ll be something I can do relatively quickly.

If so, I can go ahead and create it and ask for some feedback next week. Perhaps around Oct 8th, a little bit before the next Design Meeting. If we like the end result, the site could expand to include content for identity, core, templates, and other content from WP style guide.

Share your thoughts about this idea in a comment on this post!
I can’t wait to know what you think.