Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #31

I think Fridays are speeding up. It’s hard to believe another one is already here.

Widgets to blocks

Discussion around “element queries” is happening. The reason is because we’d like to show the mobile-web view of Gutenberg in the Customizer for the widget-blocks stuff. The Customizer side still isn’t at the mobile-web view yet, but it’s working better thanks to this PR.

Navigation block

Tightening up

Usability tests

The usability tests are being conducted weekly. One thing I’ve noticed frequently is the lack of ease when placing images along side other images or text. Sure we’ve got blocks that make this possible (which is awesome!) but it’s not quite as discoverable yet.

I submitted an issue a while back regarding how we might make this better. We’d allow users to drag a simple block (Image block) onto another simple block (Image block) which would then automatically create a complex block (Gallery block).

Here’s a couple older gifs courtesy of @kjellr.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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