Design Meeting Notes for 21 August 2019

These are the weekly notes for the design meeting that happens on Wednesday’s. You can read the full transcript on our Slack channel and find the meeting’s agenda here.


Areas to contribute recap

@boemedia asked for a little update this week on ways you can contribute right now. There are a few ways you can contribute right now to call out:

  • Gutenberg: join the triage sessions each week and also the ‘needs design feedback’ label.
  • Weekly core triages.
  • Any tickets with 5.3 marked, the next focus for this team on .org.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget there is always meta trac to help in!


Gutenberg design update

@mapk mentioned that there has been lots of work to help provide inline tips and wants some comments on one specific design recently shared:

A modal that would appear for first-time Gutenberg users and will walk them through a few things.

The discussion was around whether tips are intrusive and have a negative impact on the user when trying to get to the editor since there is data that users close them as soon as they appear. The #design team agreed that it is a good idea to keep on trying things and that inline tips for users should continue with the idea that tips would eventually disappear.

Next @mapk asked for a mockup to illustrate his point in a gradients ticket

Next up is a new image format control that offers full-screen-height for images 

A new problem was introduced by merging this new control (icon) to the alignment group of icons since it relates to the full-width and wide formatting. But these icons are now all collapsed into a dropdown. This new formatting option can be selected in addition to the other options like full-width. Now we need to offer the ability for users to multi-select options in the dropdown.

And do we show both selections in the toolbar if there are two options selected?

The highlight of the discussion focused on the name, icon, and utility. Since it is “full-height” equivalent of “full width”, @sarahmonster suggested to call it  “full-height” instead of “expand to viewport” which is a bit technical. The wording is important because it doesn’t refer to the document’s full-height, but to screen height.

@melchoyce also mentioned that the icon is used as “flip image” in the image editor, so they would need a new icon. There are no plans to request a new icon.

We also agreed that wide/full width belong to sizing and not alignment and that would be a better separation. Under sizing, there could be different combinations: full size, wide, fullscreen, etc. This option would avoid the need for multiple selections.

@nadir requested some design feedback on a PR to allow directly setting a background to Cover and @nadir agreed to implement @kjellr’s suggestion on his last comment.

Open floor

@blaidalfo was looking for clarification on the workflow with Figma libraries + Gutenberg GitHub repo. He followed the instructions posted by @davewhitley:

@karmatosed mentioned the Project: Reviewing WordPress Components and mentioned that the ideal workflow is being worked on at the moment. 

We will continue talking about WordPress Components in next week’s meeting.