Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #30

Happy Friday, everyone! Gutenberg 6.3 was released! Among the many enhancements was the new Navigation Mode that loads by default when opening the Editor. The Accessibility Team communicated the difficulty tabbing through every block control before getting to the next block, so this nifty mode should help alleviate this. It feels natural, but we need more feedback, so a call for testing was recently posted.

Additional improvements with Gutenberg 6.3 include:

WordPress Components

A call for feedback and contributors
Lot’s of work happening as shared in a recent post by @drw158. Dave outlines a great opportunity to unify design patterns across WordPress and outlines the process.

WordPress Component Doc Site
As mentioned in the GitHub PR#16953, This unofficial site is @itsjonq‘s effort to gather the component documentation into one place that shows live examples of each design pattern. It simply imports the component documentation and spits out a beautiful site with visual examples of what each component looks like. I believe Q (itsjonq) is also looking to include live code editing in a sandbox as well on the site. It’s currently a work-in-progress that can be found here:

Widgets to blocks

Improvements included in 6.3:

Block Directory

@melchoyce has been iterating on the Block Directory mockups in Figma. The development is moving smoothly with the block installation process just about completed. @karmatosed will be testing this with contributors during Contributor Day at WC Brighton.

Navigation block

As you all may remember the Navigation block went through a design pivot a few weeks ago. It’s received a focus issue created by @tinkerbelly to get the toolbar controls figured out. Contributors have been dropping in with feedback and opinions, so please join them in the GitHub issue.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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