Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #29

Hey all! Now that we’re in the second half of the year, design reviews and feedback are extremely crucial to help keep development moving.

Widgets to blocks

Looking back on the list of issues that stemmed from a design review regarding the block areas screen and Customizer, it’s great to see these getting attention. If you haven’t had the opportunity to test the new widgets screen in wp-admin, please do! Gutenberg 6.2 reveals this screen in the plugin’s menu.

Gutenberg 6.2 widgets screen.

In Gutenberg 6.3, a new Experiments setting page is being introduced which will offer the ability to turn on/off the new widgets/block areas screen.

Experiments setting screen in Gutenberg 6.3.

Navigation block

As mentioned last week, the Navigation block is going through a design pivot. This is leading to some really interesting design explorations like this one about including existing block patterns.

Integrating existing block patterns into the Navigation block.

Tightening up

Block Directory

There’s some excellent development on the Block Directory which was posted recently.

New blocks

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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