WCEU contribution day recap: design team

During WCEU the design team had a great showing of people wanting to contribute. As discussed before the event, our plan was to split into a team

General table

A table was formed for ‘other’ tasks, these included working on triage for Trac and ‘Block directory usability testing’. A test was written and also tickets triaged ready for 5.3, with a focus on a11y tickets for media. Some great conversations were had and collaborating between other teams flowed.

Figma table

One of the two dedicated focus tables was about Figma and lead by @tinkerbelly. Here is a brief recap of what happened:

  • On-boarded new contributors to Figma.
  • Started working with the components.
  • Compiled some feedback for improvements; most of which would be documentation/process.
  • Working on improving documentation, establishing procedures for working with and maintaining the library, and creating starter templates.
  • Also added a grid layout style and two new components.

Gutenberg table

The second focused table was lead by @mapk and involved a dive into Gutenberg design. There was a great discussion around the future of Gutenberg and how it’s changing WordPress in a good way. The designers were encouraged to comment on at least one issue in GitHub. A couple of people also worked on mockups. Issues commented on include:

If anyone worked on other tasks during the contributor day please leave a comment. Thanks to everyone that attended.