Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #24

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time for a roundup of this week’s Gutenberg links.

Gutenberg 6.0

A new version of Gutenberg was released on Wednesday! Version 6.0 is packed with enhancements, and includes a new set of layout options inside the columns block placeholder. This functionality will be expanded and made available to other blocks in the near future.

Here’s a selection of other enhancements in this release:

You can read more about these updates in the release post.

Updates from WCEU

This year’s Summer Update at WCEU featured Gutenberg prominently. It included an overview of Phase 2 work to date, along with some inspiring examples of things to come: the block directory, enhanced motion, and experiments like “snap to grid” for blocks.

The usability testing table was a great success! Thanks to everyone who helped make that possible. The videos from those tests will be posted next week.

A number of design contributors worked on Gutenberg tickets during Contribution day as well. A recap of those was posted today.

Editing beyond the post content

@youknowriad has opened some issues that begin laying the groundwork for Gutenberg editing outside of just the post_content. This is an exciting step towards full-site editing, and a great area to keep your eyes on.

Other in-progress issues to watch

Updates to the WordPress Figma component library

Also of use to designers working on Gutenberg: @drw158 has published some excellent new Figma component library updates. These include Figma components that mirror the base UI components found in the @wordpress/components npm package. 🎉

Thank you for reading and for all your contributions. Have a great weekend!

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