Design meeting notes for 29 May, 2019

These are the weekly notes for the design meeting that happens on Wednesday’s. You can read the full transcript on our Slack channel and find the meeting’s agenda here.


Gutenberg phase two

Gutenberg 5.8 was released! Yay! @mapk noted that this release includes some performance improvements along with some really cool features. He also asked attendees to look into some relevant pull requests in GitHub:

He invited everyone to try out Gutenberg 5.8 and play with the new widget-block areas screen, found on the Gutenberg plugin wp-admin sidebar menu.

There’s also a new proposed flow for column layout suggestions. @kjellr prompted everyone to offer feedback.

Block directory

There’s new updates on the block directory by @melchoyce. @mapk noted that there’s a new map of the experience flow, and lots of sketches that could use feedback.


Font sizing increases

@hedgefield shared how at Yoast they sometimes have had to deviate from Gutenberg’s default styling due to the default font size being too small for them to accommodate several heading levels, so there’s been talk about the possibility of raising the default font size in WordPress.

The team discussed different font size options and what would be the best choice considering accessibility and internationalization. There was consensus around the idea of trying out different options on Figma mockups or via the browser’s web inspector. @hedgefield will try these suggestions and report back next week.

Figma organising

There’s agreement on some things we can do to better organize the Figma libraries:

  1. Splitting one library into a few smaller libraries.
  2. Component naming: looks like mirroring the code naming convention is a good path forward, e.g. “TextControl”.
  3. Establishing an organisational structure for components.

As for component naming, @drw158 proposes just adding a space so it’s more human readable, e.g. “Text Control”.

@drw158 and @tinkerbelly will be volunteering to move this initiative forward in the next week or two.

Open floor

Block-based vs. inline color controls

Seeing that there was time left in the meeting, @kjellr added this discussion topic that was initially raised by @paaljoachim. The team agreed to create a text level color issue on GitHub to further explore this idea.