Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #17

Sorry, I was away last week and didn’t get an update published. Great things have been happening lately. Let’s take a look.

Gutenberg 5.6 improvements

Usability testing

Usability tests are being conducted weekly to evaluate Gutenberg. Posts will be published on make/test to share the videos so that everyone can comment and share their observations.

Accessibility audit

The accessibility audit performed by Tenon, LLC. through WPCampus has been released. There were several issues created in Github. The Gutenberg team, Accessibility team, and others are triaging them. Several were found to be either duplicates or Core bugs that required work beyond Gutenberg. Many of the other issues already have conversations leading to well-thought solutions. There’s been amazing collaboration between teams with this effort!

Tightening up

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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