Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #16

Due to the recent holidays and other happenings, various design contributors had some time off including me. Taking this into account, there’s still some good work getting done.

Navigation block

While the PR is still being worked on, there have been some great feedback from designers and accessibility.

Widget to blocks

A post was recently published about the UX flow for introducing blocks into the widgets screens in both wp-admin and the Customizer. The thought is to leave the current navigation labels (ie. Widgets) in the wp-admin navigation sidebar and just refresh the UI. This would be similar in the Customizer too.

Tightening up

Default Theme Patches!

Due to the new Group block being introduced, some patches needed to be created for the default Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Thirteen themes. If you have some time to test these out, please do and leave feedback.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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