Design meeting notes for April 17, 2019

You can read the full transcript of this meeting on our Slack channel. You can also read the agenda for this week.


  • Meetings – Every week we now have 2 triage meetings. If you’ve wanted an opportunity to learn more about how to get involved in moving tickets forward this is a great chance to help out! If you can make one of them we’d love to have you.
    • Monday: core/meta triage. The latest release is focused on and then the oldest tickets. 16:30 UTC.
    • Tuesday: Gutenberg triage. Focusing on oldest issues. 16:00 UTC


Showcase: @hedgefield

The designs are progressing nicely. They aren’t quite at a stage of soliciting feedback yet, but Tim is making headway working through the good feedback on the previous iteration that was spearheaded by Rich Copping.

Tim’s main iterations are in styling things according to the existing elements and colors, and the page has been shortened without losing feature. If you’re curious you can take a look at the Figma file.

The team had some discussions on a few points, and we can look forward to a formal state next week for review.

Gutenberg phase two: @mapk


@CK Lee left us a ticket for feedback on a screenshot user interface for the plugin directory. There’s a screencast on the ticket, and some additional context in Slack on the feedback that’s needed.

Handbook color audit: @estelaris

Estela finished reading all of the handbooks and found 18 mentions of color. A Trello card has been created and @melchoyce wants to work on the color pages for the handbook.

Handbook color pages plan: @melchoyce

Open floor

Nothing specific today.