Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #14

Let’s dig in!

Navigation block

@jorgefilipecosta is quick to get a prototype going! Check out the preliminary development.

Widgets to blocks

A question was recently asked of me if I had thought about the UX for both new and existing WordPress users. While I had thought about this, I realized I hadn’t really shared some flows with everyone. I’m aiming to get something like this articulated in Figma by Monday.

Some questions that arise when thinking through the UX:

  1. Should new users see anything using the terminology “widget” including an option to add widgets in the widgets.php page, or should the experience be completely focused toward blocks?
  2. Existing users who have existing widgets on their site.
    1. There needs to be a way that WordPress notifies the user of the switch to blocks. Do we automatically wrap the widget in the Classic Widget block? or teach the user how?
    2. Does WordPress show both a widget.php page and a block area page? This could help themes during the transition as well.
  3. Existing users who don’t have widgets on their site.
    1. If users haven’t used widgets yet, should WordPress just push them toward blocks and deprecate the widgets terminology similar to the new user experience?

Tightening up

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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