Design meeting notes for 27 March, 2019

You can read the full transcript of this meeting on our Slack channel. You can also read the agenda for this week.


Next week this meeting will shift time to be +1 hr. Springing forward!



@mapk shared that the team has been getting really positive comments on the release of Gutenberg 5.3. Thanks to everyone who has been contributing and testing everything!

There are a few tickets that could use review this week:

  1. The controls for resizing media in the Media+Text block
  2. The resize handle bar for media
  3. The Section block

These three are good tickets to get involved in and test out! They will most likely impact some future design decisions in other areas as well.

One last thing that is a followup on the Accessibility section in last week’s design update post. There are 4 really important a11y issues that we need to keep moving forward.

By the way, for anyone interested @boemedia asked a great question about the process of releasing a new feature in Gutenberg. It’s worth taking a quick read.

Also, Block Manager should be coming to WordPress 5.2 soon!

Site health

Site health is being merged into core now (woo hoo!).

@hedgefield shared some thoughts about the process of getting a design moving and seeing the vision through to the end. You can read more about the discussion on Slack. It led to a good discussion (with some healthy radical candor) on the importance of making sure we take care of our amazing designers who give it their all to see WordPress improve.

In addition, there are a few open design details that could use review.

Redesign of /mobile

There’s a new design listed in Trac. @joostdevalk asked for signoff on moving forward. Thanks to Megs Fulton for the great work done!