Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #11

Gutenberg 5.3 is out! This release will be included in WordPress 5.2. The planning of this worked great with the next WordPress release thanks to everyone involved.

Navigation block

There’s been extensive moderated testing this week for the Navigation block. It’s so rewarding to converse with participants and get realtime feedback as they click through the prototype.

These sessions are not only boosting the confidence of design decisions, but also bringing to light several areas of improvement. After this week, there will be a post outlining the details of everything learned.

If you want to get involved in future testing, become a WordPress researcher.

Tightening up

This last release includes:

Block Management

The Block Manager has been included in this release! It’s been a requested feature for some time now.

The block manager modal
Block Manager

Section block

The Section block is difficult requiring a bit more time to get it to a minmum viable product. Aligning the inner blocks so that they conform to the wide and full widths within the Section block includes a lot of math, a lot of testing, and a lot of patience.


The Accessibility & Design Teams are working to prioritize a set of issues right now.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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