Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #9

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Navigation block

Recruiting testers for the Navigation block is currently in progress. Interviews are scheduled to begin shortly thereafter, and should help inform the direction of the block.

Widgets to blocks

Foundational work has been done to get the widget-blocks working on the widgets.php screen in /wp-admin. According to Riad’s post, “It introduces a new @wordpress/block-editor module allowing building block editors outside the post editor context and even outside the WordPress Admin context.”

Tightening up

A side note: Some testing will be done soon on the block-specific responsive controls for the columns block. Please review the post and provide some feedback on the script and goals of this endeavor.

Block Management

The Block Management modal has made an adjustment from “Disabling” blocks to “Hiding” blocks. This feels much more clear that the blocks are still usable if you have them in your content, but they just won’t appear in the Inserter or / command.

How to show a “hidden” block is still being discussed. Most likely the decision coming forth will also affect the Inserter when showing deprecated blocks. If you have any thoughts around this, please share in the PR.

Block Directory

One of the 9 projects this year includes a Block Directory. Read more about this in the kickoff post. Thoughts around implementation in Gutenberg and, and “single block plugins” are being discussed.


The Accessibility Team has a list of issues that are being prioritized and will be shared with the Gutenberg builders soon. One of the more recent improvements has been the Custom Color Picker.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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