Design meeting notes for March 6th, 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended this week’s meeting. If you couldn’t attend or want to read back what was said, here are the meeting notes for you. You can also read the full transcript on our Slack channel.


  • Gutenberg triage is happening as a focus for triage sessions.
  • @tinkerbelly and @jarahsames are going to run a walkthrough of the ‘Site Building Research’. Sign up for the doodle here.


  • Gutenberg:
    • The widget legacy block:
    • The block management modal:
    • Incorporating some sort of block management into Gutenberg which should be introduced in WP5.2.
    • What ‘disabling a block’ meant was discussed.
    • @kjellr urged the testing of the following PRs:



Open floor

  • @clorith mentioned the Site Health check project is looking great. Thanks to @hedgefield and all those that gave feedback.