Design meeting notes for February 20, 2019

You can read the full transcript of this week’s design meeting on our Slack channel, or read the digest below.


@joshuawold suggests a focus on Gutenberg for the weekly design triage during the month of March. Focusing on a few things for Gutenberg phase 2 makes sense, so as of March 4, the triage on Monday is all about Gutenberg!


Gutenberg Update

Kjell has got some updates on Gutenberg design:

Beyond that, there are three more things he highlights:

  1. Container Blocks – The cover block is being converted to use nested blocks This makes it much more flexible
  2. Micro-interactions – As part of the “tighten up” aspect of Gutenberg Phase 2, designers are putting together a list of areas to explore adding micro-interactions, while incorporating best practices from the a11y team.
  3. Navigation Block – there was a great discussion around the navigation block last week. Work is still underway, but feel free to join the conversation on Github.

Site Health Check Update

Tim Hengeveld brings us an update on the design for Site Health Check. Sketches have been moved to mocks and there have been a number of style explorations. Please leave your feedback on the Github ticket for this issue and help improve.

First mock ups of the Site Health function in WordPress

Showcase Update

Joost de Valk and Rich Copping bring a design update for the WordPress Showcase pages. Please take a look at the design and let us know what you think by commenting on this post. You can also leave your comment in the discussing about this topic in our Slack channel and catch up with what was said already.