Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #4

Are you kidding me? It’s already February! Gutenberg has been rolling out with consistent improvements throughout January and will continue to do so this month too. Let’s look at what was done this last week.

Widgets to blocks

Really good discussion going on especially in regards to a11y. There’ve been some a11y concerns that need to be addressed which were brought up in relation to this screen, but really effect Gutenberg as a whole. The larger a11y issues will be addressed in another issue in Github to help keep the design of the widget screen moving forward.

Navigation block

Work is happening here and getting ready to be shared outward for feedback. So stay tuned to the issue!

Tightening up

  • Microinteractions (little animations) are starting to be incorporated into Gutenberg. Take a look at some work being done by @joen.
  • Added a style preview issue to the tightening up portion of Phase 2.

Block specific responsive controls

This issue is really narrowing down on a solution now.


The first part of the WordPress research has been posted by @tinkerbelly. This research is being used to help further any development in Gutenberg. All contributors should really have a read through.

Project Boards

In Github, the project boards are used to understand the status of issues from a high level view. @karmatosed recently went through and combined the Phase 2 Design project board into the Phase 2 project board. This will help keep us unified. There’s also been an update to how these project boards are used; there are columns based on each of the focus areas for Phase 2.

Thanks for reading, staying informed, and contributing anywhere you can!

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