Call for design: WordPress Showcase

What is it?

The WordPress showcase is a portfolio of inspiring and innovative sites built with WordPress. It features some of the nicest sites in the world that are built with WordPress. It should feature all of them 🙂

There’s a post on the Make/Marketing blog that outlines the project, it contains slightly more than just features and design, so let me re-iterate those here.

New features

We’d like to add:

  • Case studies – The marketing team currently does these on the Make/Marketing blog (example) but that doesn’t seem like a good spot. Adding more depth and reasoning as to why a site is in the showcase would make it more worthwhile.
  • one-line description – For use in listings (and on social, search etc), showcases should have a one-line description.
  • Add (mobile) screenshots – We currently only feature one screenshot per site, adding a few more to highlight nice sections of the site would be good. In those sets of screenshots, we should also make certain to include mobile screenshots.
  • Highlight agency and hosting company – The showcase has tags for and VIP but currently not for any other companies. We should add tags (or a custom taxonomy) for different hosting companies and agencies as their cases come into the showcase, and highlight them more prominently on the showcase pages. This will make it worthwhile for agencies to submit their best work.
  • Add tags – We can’t currently link to a listing of sites that, for example, do cool stuff with Gutenberg. Adding tags would allow grouping sites in other ways and show off uses of WordPress better.

Challenges with the current design

The design currently looks slightly dated, especially on the single pages. The current design also doesn’t work too well on mobile and actually has a double hamburger menu, which is confusing.

How can I help?

Ping @joostdevalk on Slack and/or respond here. As this is quite a chunk of work, we are looking if a company is willing to sponsor a designer for this, so we can move forward at a high pace. We will then form a working group and start iterating.