Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update

Happy New Year everyone! As mentioned in the Gutenberg Design Flow post earlier, this is Friday’s summary of the week’s work regarding Phase 2 design.

If this was a short distance race, everyone would bust out of the gate at full speed, but it’s a marathon here, so out of the gate, setting a comfortable pace is necessary.

Widgets to blocks

There’s a better understanding of how to move forward with widgets thanks to @melchoyce. Most are ready, but there are a few PRs that need some help to completion.

Progress Post

Github Widget Project Board

Navigation block

This is in early exploration mode right now, so if you’ve got some thoughts around this, please share! Please drop your ideas and designs in the relating issues themselves.

Explorations from WCUS

Github issue – block

Github issue – wp-admin interface

Research work

@tinkerbelly and @jarahsames have been leading the efforts here. More can be read in Sarah’s latest post, Sitebuilding research. The synthesis of this research will help influence future Gutenberg decisions. If you can lend a hand, the research synthesis needs some people power, so please volunteer in the #research channel on slack.

Get involved

This Friday’s post is meant to help surface the information. If you see any questions from people, or have any yourself, please share in the comments below. If you’ve got some ideas, or have been designing some thoughts around the Gutenberg projects listed in Matt’s 9 Projects for 2019 post, don’t hesitate to provide some links, or jump into the Github issues and PRs. Looking forward to everyone’s contributions!

#gutenberg-weekly, #phase-2