Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday December 19, 2018

This is the last #design meeting for 2018! The full transcript can be found in our Slack channel. All the links in the text below take you straight to the corresponding conversation on Slack.

No meeting scheduled for week 52 of 2018

Please note there’s no meeting scheduled for December 26. We also skip triage on Monday December 24 and December 31. We’ll all come back fully recharged on January 2, 2019.

Trello board

We have a new incoming request from @cathibosco1. She created a Tide team icon, but is unsure where to send assets. @karmatosed suggests getting in touch with the meta team for distribution of the icon to various places.

Topic of the week: projects for 2019

As mentioned in this year’s State of the Word, these are the nine priorities that we should focus on in 2019, in order to make the biggest impact for WordPress users, in order to make the biggest impact for WordPress users. Many of those will need designers and today’s goal is creating a list of what you wish we could do. For context, read more in the blog post on Design team 2019 thinking.

A lot of ideas, thoughts and suggestions follow this announcement:

  • defining and understanding a vision of how site-building works with Gutenberg
  • potential things that can be done between site customisation and the theme format itself
  • auditing the other areas of the admin dashboard as a start to developing a design system for plugins and themes to work with
  • a focus on admin notices
  • create a better plugin experience
  • encourage learning and making it easier for designers
  • surfacing asset libraries in a common way and making them available for others to be used in various places
  • the role and function of themes in the future
  • a common handbook reference of all the core block’s class names and modifiers to help theme developers…
  • … or extend that idea beyond blocks to common layout patterns and maybe formalize it as a standard library.

Kevin Hoffman shares a list of examples of front-end style guides for inspiration.

If you have any additional ideas, suggestions or thoughts, please add them in the comments of this post.

@karmatosed closes the meeting suggesting to keep the energy of this good conversation alive and continue the next meeting after we’ve hopefully all fuelled up over the holidays.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope to see you back in 2019 to work on the great ideas outlined above!