Iterating our design workflow keywords in trac

In the design weekly meeting a few weeks ago, discussion happened about how to align keywords in trac (core and meta) and labels from Gutenberg GitHub for design.

Why make changes?

Currently there are a wide range of keywords across meta and core trac for design, along with a lack of consistency. This also sees ui and ux feedback split, which often sees a confusion over what to use when.

The goal of this is to unify the workflow and making it easier for designers to follow and contribute. As triage is a focus for 2019, this also should make it easier for anyone work ing on that.

Suggested changes

The proposal being put forward is to distill down to 2 keywords across both tracs and this aligns with current GitHub use:

  • ‘Needs design feedback’: ‘ux-feedback’ and ‘ui-feedback’ will now merge into this one keyword.
  • ‘Needs design’: this will be specific to require a design.

What do you think? Please leave a comment to discuss this change.