Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday November 28, 2018

Howdy! Another great week, and another meeting in the #design team. Following are notes shared from the discussion. If you prefer the uncondensed  version of things, you can checkout the Slack log!

Contributing at WordCamps

Props to @folletto and @karmatosed (along with others who helped finesse the wording) for an update to the guide for leading contributor days at WordCamps. Definitely worth checking out if you anticipate doing so in the near future. 

Design for learn.wordpress.org

@Andi shared an update on the progress happening here. You can also checkout the work on Trello. Some great feedback was shared during the meeting, and at this point support is requested from the design team to comment on the styling, layout and usability issues. You can checkout the Trello card and share your feedback.

Figma followup

A brief discussion was shared regarding plans to convert the SketchPress work into Figma. Excited to see this progress forward as @Sarah James works on it. 

Benchmarking work on Sparkle

@melchoyce has begun benchmarking other site builders in anticipation of Gutenberg phase two. She shared a great post following her process and review of Sparkle. 

Planning for 2019

@karmatosed posted an update on plans. To quote in full (really, just wanting to try out this Gutenberg block):

Finally, I would like to suggest one week in December we use our team meeting to think about 2019. We just all got very emojicited (so a word) about having a goal and as a team we’ve not generally set yearly goals.
Maybe we could this year have some projects we outline that we want to do and make it our focus? Gutenberg of course and core is a constant, but it could be worth planning a little. What do people think?

Tammie Lister

(Yes, I wanted to do illustrations again, but ran out of time!)