Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday November 14, 2018

A new week, a new design meeting in Core! If you haven’t jumped in we wholeheartedly recommend joining the group and lending your thoughts and feedback. We meet each week to chat about the things our team can focus on. Following are the main points we discussed today:


The labels have been and board have been simplified as a first pass. Feedback is welcome. At this point we’ll likely put it through its paces and see if any tweaks are needed. Feel free to jump in and take a look

  • Meeting discussion: topic to bring up in meeting
  • Waiting: something blocked.
  • Needs review: something that needs input, doesn’t have to be in meeting.
  • Needs decision: could be from someone in team but also doesn’t have to be in meeting.
  • Critical: something very important to get done, high priority task. (edited)

Labels removed:

  • Needs designer: if it’s not in progress it should be seen as needs one, no need for label.
  • Needs discussion: meeting has discussion 


WordPress 5.0 is coming, let’s all take time to test as designers can help a lot with testing.

We are amazing at breaking things!
Test on all your devices, test on walks using mobile data, test with throttling, test with themes/plugins.

Test all the things!

Office Hours

The office hours aren’t currently working well, as we haven’t had attendance. So we’re going to drop them for now and likely revisit next year.

About page

Every release we have an awesome about page that celebrates and informs on changes that have happened. 

We discussed the page itself and its need to show off the features of Gutenberg with text and images/gifs. 

We’d love to have browser testing, responsive testing, and a11y (accessibility) testing today. 

You’re welcome to jump in and take a look at the in progress work. Once text strings are finalized we can get this over to the polyglot team for translation.

Readme for themes

We discussed (Slack link) the proposal for adding a readme to themes, similar to how plugins works today.

The basic TL;DR is – plugins allow for a readme, to share more from the plugin creators; let’s do the same for the themes. Design support is needed where Core shows the readme for themes.

Word of advice: never use the word final in a design file. It will always come back to bite you.